Every woman’s joy is to own a nice car and drive to the supermarket to get food stuff. But that shouldn’t be the case because when the need arises for you to handle your car, will you be able to do that? Most women do not even care about the basics of the car. They don’t even flip through the pages of the manual that comes with their cars. They just get the keys in the morning and drive off. It ought not to be so. Every woman should know some car fundamentals so that when there is a problem with the car, she will know how to sort herself out. Here are eight professional car maintenance tips every woman should know

Know the Mechanics of your car:

You should know how your car functions like the smell of fresh car oil and the smooth sound it makes when the car is in good condition. Once you have that in mind, you will be able to detect any fault in your car when the problem comes up. Listen for some changes in your car. It may be creaky or sounds of your engine straining. When this happens, you will need to visit a professional car maintenance shop before it gets really bad.

Check your parking spots:

don’t just drive back home without inspecting your car. Check for oil leakages and most importantly your tires pressure. Doing this helps you identify future problems before they become a reality.

Be Attentive:

women always pay attention to details, so this wouldn’t be a tough stuff to learn. In most cases, your car will give you a warning sign to indicate something has gone wrong. With the introduction of super-duper cars, you can easily notice these problems from your car’s dashboard. Always monitor your car’s condition by paying attention to the lights on the dashboard.

Always Check Oil and Water Levels:

Before you set out for the day’s job or shopping, ensure you check your oil levels. Also, check the water levels to make sure they are properly filled. If the oil is dark and dirty, you should consider changing it.

Don’t tailgate:

you should keep moderate distance between your car and the one ahead of you. During bad weather, keep as much distance as possible so that when the car in front of you brakes, you will not bump the person’s car

Know how to pop the hood:

you can easily learn this from your car’s manual. It is usually a small knob with a picture of your car’s hood on it. You can easily locate it beside the driver’s seat. There’s no big deal there.

Know how to change a tire:

Am very sure that most women don’t know how to change tires. You will always see them on the road asking for help from others to do the work for them. You can have an edge over other women if you learn how to change your car’s tires by yourself. Get your spare tire and the needed tools and you are good to go.

Cleanliness is Key:

Most car problems are created by the accumulation of toxic waste in certain areas. Now you don’t need to clean the car from A to Z. you can just clean the interior part of the car to give it a comfy and fresh smell. As you can see, you don’t need any technical skills to maintain your car. Start maintaining your car today and you’ll see the difference in your car.