Winter has a funny way of sneaking up on almost everyone. While all it takes to prepare yourself are a few steps to the closet for the winter coat, it takes time to get your car ready for winter. Note that it will be foolhardy driving in the dead of winter with a poorly maintained vehicle as your safety depends on its pre-winter car maintenance. For this reason, A-Line Auto and Repair Canada have come up with a list of top six car maintenance tips to get your vehicle ready for winter.  

Change the engine oil

Ordinary engine oil will freeze and thicken during winter thus reducing its efficiency in lubricating engine parts. But you still need your vehicle in a proper working condition after winter. It is, therefore, imperative that you change your car engine oil to low-viscosity engine oil that is specially formulated for winter. This will not only keep your engine clean during winter but will also improve savings on oil.

Consider winter tires

Winter tires are usually made of softer rubber and deeper trends that not only allow a firm grip on icy pavements but also channels away snow to help prevent sliding. They also respond well to freezing temperatures than most other all-season tires.

Stock winter washer fluids

During this time of the year, avoid using plain water as a coolant. It will freeze and possibly damage the washer pump. On the contrary, stock the winter washer fluid, known to resist freezing not only as a coolant but also at the car wash. It is also known to clean away winter grime like the road salt thus preventing swirls on your vehicles paintwork.

Car battery check and wiper replacement

The only way to ensure your battery is in correct working state and identify a weak battery is by having it checked by a professional car mechanics. They will help you check the fluid levels and clear corrosion from the cable connections. Additionally, they will also help you replace worn out wiper blades as well as get you high-quality blades for the season; you will need more than a few.

Buy the winter emergency kit

This should include a shovel, high energy snacks, flares, extra car charger, cell phone, and a blanket as well as gloves. Your car might suddenly give way and who knows how long it will take to get help in the middle of a severe snowstorm.

Consider a general car servicing before the winter season

Have reputable car mechanics conduct a throughput mechanical inspection for your vehicle. They will check the car breaks, conduct wheel alignment, check on your car AC as well as clean and clear all filters and ventilations in addition to examining the vehicle’s belts and hoses. Even if you are driving a modern vehicle, full servicing from experienced car mechanics like A-Line Auto and Repairs will go a long way in winterizing your vehicle for the cold season ahead.


Winter impacts on every part of your ride, from car brakes to paint and engine. If you can’t afford full car maintenance and servicing, consider buying winter tires Is Your Car Ready For Winter? Six Ways To Winterizing Your Vehicle