There is nothing that makes a car comfortable to drive other than the air conditioning system. Well your car will never be useful if the AC is not delivering hence the need to know all about car AC system.

How the car AC system works

A car’s AC works the same way the one you have at home does only that the scale dealt with in car mechanics is smaller. The main thing is the refrigerant which is commonly known as Freon. Freon is partly fluid and partly gas and is usually under a lot of pressure. When the system is not working then Freon remains in gas form and under low pressure. When it is cooled it goes into liquid form and is under high pressure which results in coldness in the evaporator. The same coolness is transferred on to the car.

Low refrigerant

If there is no cool air emanating from your CAR AC then it could be that it is low on the refrigerant. So it could be time for you to recharge the AC. One of the main reasons why an AC could run low on refrigerant could be that there is a leak. You can get an ac repair technician to inspect the car a/c system for leaks and do the necessary repairs. After inspection the technician will have to extract whatever is remaining of the refrigerant and recycle it. This is so that impurities are disposed of and the system is recharged by injecting the pure refrigerant back into the system. After that the technician conducts tests to see if there are anymore leaks. It is important to note that there is no formula for finding out exactly how much refrigerant is left. Yes even the experienced technicians will have to guess how much refrigerant to add. The only way you can be certain that the system has enough refrigerant is by extracting what is available and filling the systems again with a specific amount.

How do I know that my AC has problems?

That is quite easy. First and foremost instead of getting cool air you will be feeling hot. Bad ACs also produce noises. Another significant symptom of an AC that is not working is a non working clutch. The clutch is located in the compressor and is what engages and disengages for the compressor to be turned on if need be. The clutch can stop working whereby the compressor is turned on or off permanently. The best repair mode is to replace the entire compressor with a new one.

How often should I check my AC?

Even if your AC does not have any problems it is advised that you have car ac service technicians inspect, clean and service it at least once in a year. The best time to do this is during spring. Do not wait for problems to spring up on you. As the ac gives you service it accumulates dirt and dust. This affects its efficiency hence the need to check it often. Join Now