The answer to the question of whether you should or should not replace wheel or repair wheel is dependent on what you see and the information you have. You need to know the signs of a bad wheel and the possible solution. The main area of focus are the tires. This is because car tires are essential when it comes to performance, efficiency and safety. In fact studies show that almost 200 road accidents are tire failure related. Here are several tips to ensure that you always have tires that have good traction and braking. Signs that you should replace damaged wheel-

Check the treads

The main function of treads is to improve traction so when they are worn out then their effectiveness cannot be guaranteed. If the tread is already 1/16 of an inch then it is time that you visited a tire shop. The next thing you should check is the tread pattern. Almost all tires have tread wear bars and they are found between the treads. If you notice that they are on the same level as the treads then you better replace your wheels. As you are conducting your visual inspection do be on the lookout for any exposed fabric or steel or even any other material for that matter. Are there any bulges, is the wheel bent or are there any other anomalies? If yes then your tires need to be replaced. The penny test might also be of help in determining the extent of tire damage. Ensure that Lincoln’s head is facing downwards and then place the penny in a tread groove. If you can still see the top of Lincoln’s head then you should visit a tire shop. If you are not sure about conducting the penny test then you can try using a gauge or tread depth indicator. Simply purchase one or you can still go to your regular car wheel service shop and let them check the tires for you.

Find out what the law says

Apart from your common sense being at work and telling you you should change your tires, it is important that you know what the law says. For instance in the United States if the tread depth is 1/16 of an inch then the tires need to be replaced.

The steering wheel is vibrating

The steering wheel will always give vibrations when the tires are worn and especially if the wearing is uneven. You can have the auto repair mississauga professionals do the rebalancing of the tires but if you still get vibrations when driving then you better replace the wheel.

See if there is dry rot

Check and see if there are any tiny cracks on the tires. If you spot some then that means the rubber is falling apart and means a lot of exterior damage especially when the tire separates from the steel belt.

Time will tell

Well you cannot use the same tires forever. It is advised that you be replacing all your tires at least after every five years. This is the criteria even if the manufacturer promises 10 years of maximum service. You can also go back to the car’s manual and read the manufacturer’s recommendations in relation to wheels for that particular brand.