Don’t go looking for the vehicle manufacturer’s manual; they usually don’t explicitly state when you should have your car wheels aligned. This is primarily because they didn’t expect you to go hitting deep potholes or knocking off curbs at the parking. But these things do happen. It is, therefore, imperative that you schedule wheel alignment tests with your car repair shop at least one annually. Experts at A-Line Auto and Repair think you should have your car wheels aligned if you notice the following car problems.

The steering pulls to one side

However, this shouldn’t be confused with the typical car drift. For a normal drift, if you are driving on the bright lane of the road and just let go of the steering, the vehicle is supposed to drift to the right. If otherwise, you need to have your local car mechanics check on its wheel alignment. Additionally, for properly aligned vehicle its tracks should be straight forward. If you notice unparalleled tracks when driving a clear parking, have your car aligned.

Noticed uneven tire wear

Uneven tire wear remains of one of the most noticeable signs of wheel alignment problems. Carefully examine the front wheel, paying attention to the tread faces, if they are excessively worn out on either of the sides, you should have your car wheels aligned. You can also confirm the same by examining the rear wheels too because if they are properly aligned, they should wear out in an even manner.

When changing in new tires

When fixing in winter or summer tires, consider having a wheel alignment for your vehicle.  You never know what the summer road trips or winter ice did to your balance and alignment and would like to start off the new season with a fully serviced vehicle. Furthermore, you don’t want your new set of tires wearing out faster than normal, especially considering that the cost of testing and aligning if far less compared to tire repairs and replacements.

Steering wheel vibration and shimmering even at low speeds

Typically, the steering will only seem to vibrate when driving at high speeds. However, if you notice that the steering gets shimmy and vibrates even at relatively low speeds. This might be an indication you need a wheel alignment service. Nonetheless, this might also be caused by worn out suspension parts and it is, therefore, important to have your car mechanics check the vehicle before incurring the alignment costs.

 If It feels loose or and wanders across off the road

How well versed are you with your vehicle’s efficiency? Most people will even tell if the tires are evenly inflated or the state of their car engine just by listening to the noises it produces while they drive. You too should establish some level of personal attachment with you vehicle so that you can quickly identify when it feels loose and harder to control or wanders on the road while driving, which are other symptoms of wheel misalignment.

Bottom line

Whenever you notice excessive yet uneven tire wear and steering vibration or your vehicles wander off the road while driving, have professional car mechanics at A-Line Auto and Repair, a car repair shop in Mississauga check its wheel alignment.